About Us

At Eco Turf Landscaping, we employ our experience of design and horticulture to create and maintain lawns that are schemed not only for beauty but also for functionality and practicality. We offer a variety of landscaping services including lawn care, yard maintenance, yard design, and plant installation. Our creativity strives to construct landscapes that will provide everlasting enjoyment for years to come.

Why Choose EcoTurf Landscaping?

  • Locally Owned and Operated
  • Exceptional attention to detail
  • Phenomenal customer service
  • Specializing in yard design and plant installation
  • We stand by our work so that our customers are 100% satisfied
  • We service both Residential and Commercial properties

ecoturf staff


Eco Turf is a locally built landscaping company by Paul D'lubac while he attended college. Landscaping gave him a flexible schedule to attend college classes and do landscaping when he was not in school. Paul's dedication to quality work and always placing the clients satisfaction as a priority gave him the ability to grow his business to what it is today.

Paul started Eco Turf Landscaping because of the flexible hours while attending college and he has continued to value education for his employees in his business today. Eco Turf encourages employees to attend college and provides the flexibility to work and stay in school.

Protecting the environment has always been an important goal at Eco Turf. Most of what Eco Turf does always has the environment in mind. We earn the name Eco by using only shovels for snow storms unless the snow fall is too great and are forced to also use gas run snowblowers. Eco Turf buys only new equipment and trucks that conform to the ever changing emission standards set by the government which reduce carbon gas emissions. Eco Turf offers Organic fertilizing plans for your lawn so that is is safe for pets, children and the eco system thriving in every single yard. All of the organic debris we remove from our clients properties go straight to all organic recycling dump so that it can some day return to your property as mulch.

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